We work with organisations
of all types and at all stages
to address social inequality


Taking action

The Bridge Group works to create evidence-based social change. We do this by:

  • Carrying out research and evaluation, drawing on robust data, evidence and our expertise

  • Convening events at which experts and stakeholders can learn from each other

  • Sharing our expertise with others to help them make real and meaningful change, now. This ranges from advising on national policy issues, to working with organisations of all sizes, to create the evidence base, tools and programmes that result in change.

Our expertise

The Bridge Group brings expertise in three key areas.

We keep research real: we frame the research questions so they are relevant to you and your organisation; and produce practicable recommendations to help you achieve change.

We are experts in gathering, analysing and interpreting data. This includes quantitative data from large national sets, organisational data, and qualitative data from interviews and focus groups.

Our research and recommendations are responsive to context. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of organisational context and national policy drivers, and draw on specialist knowledge from our network of Fellows and other experts who contribute to our work.

How we work with organisations

We work with organisations of all types and at all stages to address social inequality.

Research and evaluation
We undertake research and evaluation relating to socio-economic diversity and equality in higher education and the labour market. We excel at bringing together the empirical data with innovative, investigative enquiry to create an evidence base that will enable you to make meaningful change.  

  • If you are at an early stage we can help you by analysing your situation and assessing what action you should take

  • If you already have programmes in place, we can assess whether they are helping you to meet your aims, and suggest improvements

We pride ourselves on producing practicable recommendations, whether they are for individual organisations or national policy-makers.

Advice and advocacy
We want to share our expertise with others. We provide advice on a wide range of topics, from identifying and attracting diverse talent, to evaluation frameworks and negotiating internal support for change.

We can develop training to build your organisation’s capacity to make an impact on socio-economic diversity and social equality.

Convening experts and stakeholders
We want to help people interested in social equality to share their expertise and find out about the latest research. We bring people together across sectors through regular seminars and an annual conference.

We facilitate collaborative working within professional consortia, for example, in a group of top law firms. This involves our bringing together representatives who are already engaged in social equality and helping them to identify collective actions.

If your organisation is looking for help in advancing social equality we will be pleased to explore the options with you.

Work with us

If you are interested in issues relating to socio-economic diversity and equality in higher education and the labour market, you can become involved in our work.

We work with colleagues from schools, government, organisations and charities; senior managers, service directors and academics from universities; and senior colleagues from a range of roles within employers.

Our seminars and conferences are open to everyone, with places allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Most of our seminars are free. They provide a great opportunity to learn – but also to contribute your own ideas, knowledge and questions. 

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with external colleagues in our – or your – research.


The Bridge Group in action